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PlanetPlug is a product created by the new and innovating IoT company Fingoti.

This product is aimed at those who are wanting to make their homes ‘greener’ and be more aware of where their energy comes from and what percentage is renewable. We believe this product strives to help change the way you use energy.

Our products link to the National Grid and relay live information back to your device that updates every 5 minutes, allowing you to make informed choices on how you use your energy.


The PlanetPlug is a smart plug that is easy to use within your home. The plug attaches to any appliance that you choose in your home that supports a standard UK plug fitting. You then use our user-friendly app to set the parameters of usage. For example, you could choose to switch an appliance off if the National Grid is using non-renewable energy at any point. If this happens the LED ring around the plug will go red and the plug will switch off. If the National Grid was using all renewable energy sources, then the LED ring will go green and the plug will become usable.

PlanetPlug Energy Display

The PlanetPlug Energy Display is a beautiful feature piece made from sustainable bamboo that displays the eight energy sources our National Grid is currently using. Using a 5V USB to power it, it makes a great addition to any environment and allows you to have an insight on the nation’s current power usage. On your desk at work, in the home or simply used in education to provide insight into the nations power consumption. Each power source has an LED numerical display in either red for fossil fuels (coal, gas) or green for renewable (wind, solar, biomass, hydro, nuclear and pumped hydro). The number displayed on the board is the percentage of the power being provided by that source.

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