Ever wondered what source your energy is generated from?

what is planetplug?

Use our app to configure your PlanetPlug to switch off your appliance according to the parameters you choose. Keep track of the amount of energy that you’ve saved whilst using the PlanetPlug and what positive impact it has had on the environment.

The PlanetPlug display is a nice addition to any room or office that allows you to monitor the different sources of energy being used on the National Grid. 

Both the PlanetPlug and display use live data collected from the National Grid to help you decide what devices can be powered around your home.


PlanetPlug is an innovative and easy to use product that allows you to have an informed input into how you use your energy. It’s simplistic and easy to use design allows you to take a quick look into how the country is powering its energy, and make an educated decision about your electricity usage.

why it's important

The Climate Change Act 2008 is the basis for the UK’s approach to tackling and responding to climate change.

 Since 1990 the UK has cut emissions by over 40% and in order to sustain this the target will require the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050


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